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From Us to You
Posted on Jan 6th, 2021

Greetings Manchac Place,
On behalf of the new HOA Board – Reed Luneau, Joel Schwartzenburg and yours truly – please allow me to extend our gratitude for allowing us to serve you, the Homeowners, in this new term. Last year, the outgoing president, Mr. Derek Williams, introduced a means by which we were able to achieve financial solvency and stability. He also renewed the call for more community and engagement. We thank Mr. Williams for the tremendous amount of time and effort that he gave as an investment in our Community.
I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few things on which we’re working. We are creating a relationship with a new property management company to help the Board manage the affairs of Manchac Place. They will work with us to enforce the Covenants & Restrictions by identifying violations and contacting those homeowners, and they will serve as a point of contact for inquiries about issues/problems in the subdivision. They will also help us address accounts that are delinquent on assessments. Please note that dues and assessments will continue to be paid directly to the HOA – the property management company won’t be collecting any assessments directly. Details and contact info will be coming shortly.
We are also engaging a separate accounting/bookkeeping company for financials. One of the major challenges in 2020 was interacting with the previous property management company to obtain financial and accounting information. This logistical change will help the overall process of keeping good financial records, introduce another layer of accountability, and separate the services in the event we need to switch professional companies for some reason. We appreciate Derek introducing this idea for change!
Since the annual meeting in November, we’ve been going through a time of transition. The budget for 2021 is being finalized. Ideally, this should be completed prior to the new year, and that will be the goal moving forward. Thankfully, we have a clear picture of our core expenses. The items causing the delay are final costs of property management and accounting services. I look forward to posting the budget very soon.
Social media has become a very effective tool for interacting with the Community. Many of you are already members of the “Manchac Place Homeowners” group, so you know the many benefits that this platform has to offer. We have created a second FB group page entitled “Manchac Place HOA” to serve as means of posting official communications from the Board. This new page will be administered solely by members of the HOA Board. I encourage you to join both groups and connect with your neighbors on “Manchac Place Homeowners” and the HOA Board Members on “Manchac Place HOA”! 
This year we will be able to look at continuing to improve the subdivision. The Common areas are shared places of enjoyment that bring appeal and value to Manchac Place. Foremost in that category is the pool and pool house. Last year, as a start, new lounge chairs were purchased. We can all work on keeping the pool area clean, safe, and enjoyable. The lakes and fountains will also be a focus. The fountain at the entrance is beautiful, but the lights are not working and some of the nozzles appear clogged. Lake B’s fountain has been out of commission for several months. Lake C has drainage and vegetation issues. We are already working to remedy these top-priority items, and we appreciate your patience! Other ideas for potential projects and improvements will be shared in the soon future for feedback and voting from the Community.  
In closing, I want to again thank everyone for continuing to invest in the Community by paying your annual assessments on time and in full. You can pay by either of the following methods:
Mail a Check:   
Manchac Place Homeowners Association 
P.O. Box 1449 
Prairieville, LA 70769
Electronically: Visit www.manchacplace.com and click on the “HOA Assessment Payments” link to access PayPal.
Please remember to select “Family” instead of “Goods and Services” when using the PayPal portal.
Please feel free to contact the Board at any time through the website, or send us an email at manchacplace@gmail.com, and add this email address to your contacts to avoid correspondence going to your junk or spam folder. We’re looking forward to a great 2021 here at Manchac Place!
Thank you,
Josh Rosenstern                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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