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The Manchac Place Subdivision Homeowners Association web-site was created to serve the community and provide a central location for all information and activities associated with the neighborhood.
Manchac Place Subdivision - A Better Place to Be.
~ News ~
Posted on May 21st, 2020
Good Morning Homeowners -
As things are somewhat settling down, the MPHOA can start moving forward on some things.
We are looking for 3 volunteers for the Homeowner Committee (formerly the Architectural Committee).   
The form has been revised and includes a section for 1) construction changes and a section for 2) non-construction changes.
J. Reed Luneau, current board member, will be available to the committee as an advisor for construction changes, but will not be a voting member of the board.
I have also developed a resolution for the board to adopt at the next board meeting which outline guidelines for the new committee.
Here is an excerpt:
1.       When reviewing plans, objectivity should be paramount and an appreciation should be given to different styles and tastes of Manchac Place homeowners. The objective is not to police every detail of every change, but to provide oversight to ensure that committee decisions reached are prudent and, changes do not have a materially negative effect on the appearance of the subdivision.
If anyone that has not served before and is interested, as well as those that have served, and would like to be involved again, please send me an email form the Manchac Place website.
Posted on May 15th, 2020
Good Afternoon Homeowners -
As part of the continued cost cutting efforts, this weekend, we will start transplanting/ removing plants from the flowerbed that is located behind the planter box as you exit the subdivision on Manchac Place Drive. We will be leveling MOST of that bed and replacing it with sod and possibly two trees.  
If you are interested in giving some of the plants a new home, please send me an email from the Manchac Place website. Select “Contact Us” and let me know which plants you are interested in.
The choices are:
Knockout Roses
Drift Roses
The knockout roses require a couple of extra steps in the transplanting process and I will be picking up some loaner pots from the nursery in the morning for that purpose.
Pool is Leaking
Posted on Apr 27th, 2020
Good Morning - I received a message this morning that the pool is leaking. I contacted the pool company and they indicated that the leaking is not serious. The damage is a result of kids throwing rocks at the "Strainer Pot". The "Seal Plate" is what homeowners are seeing that is leaking. He is going to repair it when the part comes in. When he cleans the pool today, he will confirm that it's not serious enough to close the pool.
Drive With Caution
Posted on Apr 15th, 2020
Sorry, this post is a little late but still relevant. As kids are out of school, parents are home, etc, there is a lot more activity (walking, riding bikes, etc) during the day. Please use extra caution when driving through the subdivision. 
A homeowner informed me that they have witnessed individuals driving fast on Pine Ridge and Manchac Drive and most recently probably prevented an accident from occurring after a kid ran out in the street after a ball.
Homeowner Update – April 15, 2020
Posted on Apr 15th, 2020
Hope everyone is well and managing as best as possible through this COVID-19 crisis. I just wanted to give you a quick update. The good news is that a budget has been established, costs have been cut, and bills are being paid on time. My delay in providing you the details is that I am having some challenges with the property management company relative to their accounting system, etc. I have been working through this issue since February and we are somewhat further along, but not where we need to be. They have determined that their primary accounting system cannot provide the BASIC reports that I need. As a result, they have moved everything over to Quickbooks. However, the transition has not been smooth and I’m working on getting them to resolve the discrepancies. I am anxious and look forward to providing you reliable and accurate data as soon as possible.
Thank You for your patience,
Dog Walking
Posted on Mar 4th, 2020
A homeowner has reached out to me with concerns about other homeowners walking their dogs and allowing the dogs to “use the bathroom” in their yard. I reviewed some posts on “Next Door” where residents of some other subdivisions are expressing the same concerns. I brought this subject up at work yesterday and it resulted in a healthy discussion.
I believe that there is a balance in most things. Manchac Place should be a place where residents should enjoy the community by getting out and doing normal things such as jogging, walking their dogs, etc., and not feel restricted, but also be respectful of other residents and their property. So, I am not sure if we have a pervasive issue or one where a handful of dog owners need to be more respectful. Based on my observations of playing tennis at City Park and driving through the Garden District going to and from work, I notice that a lot of dog walkers in that area carry pooper scoopers or plastic bags.
As a result, I would like some feedback on the subject. Should I get a focus group of residents together (dog owners and non-dog owners) and discuss the issue and establish some ground rules for our subdivision or should individual homeowners handle these instances on a case by case basis?
Thank You and looking forward to your responses,
Posted on Mar 1st, 2020
MPHOA 1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter
Posted on Jan 28th, 2020
Attached is a link to the:
2020 MPHOA Annual Homeowners Meeting
Posted on Dec 17th, 2019
Please be advised that the 2020 Annual Homeowners Meeting will be held at:
River Community Church
Tuesday January 28th
All homeowners are encouraged to attend and participate.  Please be advised that homeowners must be current through 2020 assessments, with no outstanding assessments or fees in order to vote at this meeting.
More details to follow.
MPHOA 2020 Assessment Address Correction
Posted on Dec 11th, 2019
To MPHOA Residents:
Invoicing for 2020 assessments will begin shortly and assessment checks will need to be directed to Property Management of Louisiana.
Here is information regarding the new Manager for our Subdivision:
Nikiya Hudson
Commercial Property Manager
Office 225-442-1210
website:  pmola.com
The address to be included on the assessment check.
Property Management of Louisiana
14461 Frenchtown Road
Central Louisiana, 70739

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