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The Manchac Place Subdivision Homeowners Association web-site was created to serve the community and provide a central location for all information and activities associated with the neighborhood.
Manchac Place Subdivision - A Better Place to Be.
~ News ~
Annual Meeting - Board Member Elections - 2021
Posted on Sep 28th, 2020
Good Afternoon Homeowners - This has been a tough year for so many people, for so many reasons. The MPHOA has been no exception, as this year the primary efforts have been to get us back on track financially and start re-engaging with the community. Without going into the details now, I have got us back on track financially. As a result, 2021 can be a fresh start for board members without having to worry about money.
The annual meeting will be held in November (date to be announced). Please see the board resolution outlining the justification. Social distancing requirements will be in place for those that want to physically attend and plans are to stream the meeting, as well.
I will not be returning to the board next year and am asking for nominations (please email them to manchacplace@gmail.com). There are a couple of members that will be running again this year . The plan is to have THREE board members.
2021 would be the perfect year to serve and continue to move the community forward.
Thank You For Your Support,
Covenants - Restrictions
Posted on Sep 14th, 2020
Good Morning -
As we move toward the end of this term, we are working on egregious conditions that the MPHOA is able to pay for, if the homeowner does not correct the issue. Primarily, conditions that are "standing out" and are being identified by potential buyers/real estate agents. This week we will continue to address broken down vehicles. I know there are some conditions that are eyesores to homeowners. However, during this first stage, we may not be able to address all of them, since the objective will be to pay for the expense and charge the homeowner.
With that being said, we have a situation that we have addressed with a homeowner, but have not had success. We are now at the point, where we need to file a judgement to be able to access the property and perform the clean-up. If there is anyone that can assist with this process or walk us through it, please email me at manchacplace@gmail.com.
Fountain - Lake A
Posted on Sep 14th, 2020
Good Morning !
If you are wondering why the fountain is off in Lake A. The float is being replaced/repaired. We are just waiting for the vendor to come out and fix it.
Thanks !!
Posted on Aug 21st, 2020
1.      A deposit of $100 is required 5 days in advance of the reservation date for homeowners that are current on their assessment dues.
2.      The reservation is for the covered area and the BBQ pit area and is NOT for the exclusive use of the pool.
3.      The deposit is refunded if the area is cleaned up after the event.
4.      MPHOA will post reservation times and dates on the Manchac Place Website and the Manchac Place Homeowners Facebook page.
Posted on Jul 16th, 2020
July 16, 2020
Good Morning Homeowners –
After putting a lot of thought to this and trying to strike a balance between enforcement and ensuring that the pool is a place where homeowners can feel comfortable and have minimal issues, here is the initial plan of action.
·         Starting today and lasting through the next 7 days, we are paying the camera company to review footage each day and provide footage that identifies any issues              that may be considered contrary to the posted pool rules.
·         For all issues validated by the Board, attempts will be made to identify those involved. This may include face recognition as well as a review of cards used to                    access the pool area during those identified times.
·         Once identified, homeowners will be contacted to either make them aware of what has occurred (in the case of guests using the card), issue warnings, etc.
·         I have contacted some homeowners who are home during the day that have agreed to make random stops at the pool during the next 7 days. If there are others              who would be willing to volunteer, please contact me.
While our pool rules indicate that each homeowner is responsible for enforcing rules and have the right to ask individuals to leave, everyone doesn’t feel comfortable doing that. As such, please contact me if faced with such a dilemma.  While it is impossible to be incident free, hopefully, what we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks is not the norm. However, after this analysis, a determination will be made as to whether further steps need to be taken. If so, we will go from there.
Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding,
Posted on Jun 29th, 2020
HOMEOWNER UPDATE - June 29, 2020
Good Afternoon Homeowners -
A half year has gone by and if we don’t have any more major surprises, we should be able to finish the 2020 fiscal year without a deficit.  Each month, beginning in February, I have scrutinized finances, identified opportunities where we could save money, not only for the particular month, but for future months as well.  Like I mentioned at the annual meeting, my goal would be to “take us back to the basics”. This involved ensuring that core responsibilities were maintained such as lawn care, pool care, insurance, etc., then determining what we could afford and managing the timing of when expenditures could be made in conjunction with assessments received.
While I have done my part, there are still approximately 45 homeowners that have not paid their 2020 dues. You now have good stewards over your assets and paying these dues are an essential part of moving into a solvent 2021 where the contingency fund can be fully funded, more core responsibilities can be budgeted for, and there can be some realistic discussion about a reduction in annual assessments.  With respect for what families may have been experiencing during the “Stay at Home” order, collection efforts were put on hold. However, collection efforts will resume over the next few weeks. I encourage those that have not yet paid, to pay and contact the board, via the MPHOA website, if you have any questions.
To continue to effectively manage spending going forward, the board has adopted Financial Policies (See Link). I will also post our financial position as of June 30, 2020 within the next few weeks.  
Derek Williams,
Manchac Place, HOA President/Treasurer
LAKE B Fountain
Posted on Jun 24th, 2020
Lake B Fountain
Currently, there is an issue with the fountain in Lake B. Weather permitting, service is scheduled for Friday June 26th.
Posted on Jun 5th, 2020
Good Afternoon Homeowners - 
As of today Property Management of Louisiana is no longer the management company for the subdivision. As a result, do not contact them or make payments to them either by mail or through their portal. I will post more details this weekend. 
MPHOA President 
Posted on May 15th, 2020
Good Afternoon Homeowners -
As part of the continued cost cutting efforts, this weekend, we will start transplanting/ removing plants from the flowerbed that is located behind the planter box as you exit the subdivision on Manchac Place Drive. We will be leveling MOST of that bed and replacing it with sod and possibly two trees.  
If you are interested in giving some of the plants a new home, please send me an email from the Manchac Place website. Select “Contact Us” and let me know which plants you are interested in.
The choices are:
Knockout Roses
Drift Roses
The knockout roses require a couple of extra steps in the transplanting process and I will be picking up some loaner pots from the nursery in the morning for that purpose.
Pool is Leaking
Posted on Apr 27th, 2020
Good Morning - I received a message this morning that the pool is leaking. I contacted the pool company and they indicated that the leaking is not serious. The damage is a result of kids throwing rocks at the "Strainer Pot". The "Seal Plate" is what homeowners are seeing that is leaking. He is going to repair it when the part comes in. When he cleans the pool today, he will confirm that it's not serious enough to close the pool.

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