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~ News ~
From Us to You
Posted on Jan 6th, 2021
Greetings Manchac Place,
On behalf of the new HOA Board – Reed Luneau, Joel Schwartzenburg and yours truly – please allow me to extend our gratitude for allowing us to serve you, the Homeowners, in this new term. Last year...
Posted on Nov 10th, 2020
Good Morning Manchac Place Homeowners !!!
One of my goals this year besides making the MPHOA financially solvent was “enhanced community engagement”.  My feeling is that the MPHOA should engage with individuals as fellow homeowners first. When issues cannot be resolved, then the authority of the MPHOA should used to benefit the best interests of all homeowners. Having a well kept neighborhood benefits all of us and invites others to move in. Nowadays, people have so many places to choose from as to where to live. I love our location, because we are in Ascension parish, but not too deep in Ascension parish. I love that my commute does not begin somewhere down Hwy 42 or Hwy 73.  As saddened as I was about the Great Flood, I was happy that I didn’t live on the other side of the overpass on Bluff Road that was closed off and also didn’t have to worry about flooded streets.
My point is, when potential buyers and realtors drive into the subdivision, there first impression is the common area, and then the rest of the responsibility is borne on the 230+ homes that make up the subdivision. While we have been fortunate this year with great home sales (more info at the annual meeting), there is room for improvement in exterior upkeep. Upkeep costs time and money. Because, I was able to turn things around financially, I would like to invest back into the community. Hopefully, this will be a catalyst for homeowners that may have been putting off some “curb appeal” cleanups and this can also set the tone of how the MPHOA invests back into the subdivision going forward.
There are many mailboxes that are in need of repair. It’s one of the first things that you see when you drive through the subdivision. As a result, I am offering the following which was approved by the MPHOA board.
The first 40 homeowners (current on 2020 dues) to send an email to manchacplace@gmail.com will receive a reimbursement of up to $35 toward a mailbox refurbish.
In the subject line write “Mailbox Offer” and include your name and address.
This includes homeowners that have already had their mailboxes refurbished as early as October 1st.
I will post a notice on the Manchac Place Facebook Page and the Manchac Place website once the limit of 40 has been reached.
There are two vendors that have been performing work in the subdivision, you can choose one of them, choose another vendor, or do it yourself.
Once the 40 are selected, the work can be completed between now and December 31, 2020. I will just need a picture of the refurbished mailbox and a receipt for reimbursement.
The two vendors currently working in the neighborhood are:
1.       Preston Denn – Red Flag Mailbox Restoration 225-485-9073
Price: $35 or $40 restoration includes sanding, cleaning, and painting the post, mailbox, numbers and flag. Missing numbers are priced at $7 per number. From there, prices vary for hinge and latch replacement, etc.
2.      Jennifer Gilbert - Ascension Mailbox & Accents 225 363-8841
             (see attached flyer) Ascension Mailbox
MPHOA President
Posted on Aug 21st, 2020
1.      A deposit of $100 is required 5 days in advance of the reservation date for homeowners that are current on their assessment dues.
2.      The reservation is for the covered area and the BBQ pit area and is NOT for the exclusive use of the pool.
3.      The deposit is refunded if the area is cleaned up after the event.
4.      MPHOA will post reservation times and dates on the Manchac Place Website and the Manchac Place Homeowners Facebook page.
Drive With Caution
Posted on Apr 15th, 2020
Sorry, this post is a little late but still relevant. As kids are out of school, parents are home, etc, there is a lot more activity (walking, riding bikes, etc) during the day. Please use extra caution when driving through the subdivision. 
A homeowner informed me that they have witnessed individuals driving fast on Pine Ridge and Manchac Drive and most recently probably prevented an accident from occurring after a kid ran out in the street after a ball.
Dog Walking
Posted on Mar 4th, 2020
A homeowner has reached out to me with concerns about other homeowners walking their dogs and allowing the dogs to “use the bathroom” in their yard. I reviewed some posts on “Next Door” where residents of some other subdivisions are expressing the same concerns. I brought this subject up at work yesterday and it resulted in a healthy discussion.
I believe that there is a balance in most things. Manchac Place should be a place where residents should enjoy the community by getting out and doing normal things such as jogging, walking their dogs, etc., and not feel restricted, but also be respectful of other residents and their property. So, I am not sure if we have a pervasive issue or one where a handful of dog owners need to be more respectful. Based on my observations of playing tennis at City Park and driving through the Garden District going to and from work, I notice that a lot of dog walkers in that area carry pooper scoopers or plastic bags.
As a result, I would like some feedback on the subject. Should I get a focus group of residents together (dog owners and non-dog owners) and discuss the issue and establish some ground rules for our subdivision or should individual homeowners handle these instances on a case by case basis?
Thank You and looking forward to your responses,
81% approval for 2019 Special Assessment and Annual Assessment Increase going forward.
Posted on Jun 15th, 2019
Thursday Night the MPHOA held a Manchac Place Homeowners Special Homeowner Vote Meeting to vote on the $150 2019 Special Assessment and the $150 Annual Assessment Increase resulting in an increase:
From $300 to $450 for non-lake Lot Homeowners
From $500 to $650 for lake Lot Homeowners
The result of the Vote is that the special assessment and the increased annual assessment for all homeowners were both approved by the majority of Homeowners.
Of 234 Lots 20 were suspended, therefore the total possible voting lots were 214.  60% of 214 = 129 were required to attend either in person or by Proxy to establish that a quorum was present.
Lot Owners from 38 Lots attended the meeting.
Lot Owners from 146 Lots attended by Proxy.
184 lots exceed the required 129 lot threshold therefore a quorum was present.
66.67% of the actual quorum must vote in favor of the assessment increases.  Therefore 184 x 66.67% = 123 Lots.
Total votes In Favor by Proxy = 134
Total votes In Favor voting in person =  15
Total votes In Favor = 149.
Total votes Against by Proxy = 12
Total votes Against voting in person =  22
Total votes Against = 34.
One [1] Homeowner who attended the meeting abstained, did not vote.
The 2019 $150 special assessment and the $150 annual assessment increase vote passed, and were approved by 149 / 184 = 81%.