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How many homes are in Manchac Place?
     We have 234 homes in the subdivision. The first homes were built in 1999.
How much is the annual assessment?
      The annual assessment is $450/lot. Homes on Lakes B & C have an additional annual lake assessment of $200/lot.
What's the due date for assessment payments?
      Payments are due by Jan 1 each year. Accounts are considered delinquent after Jan 31. 
Do we have a property management company, and how do I contact them?
       Yes we do! BG Realty handles all things related to property management, including the neighborhood's financials and assessments collections. They also help issue violation notices. You can email them at support@bgrealty.com.
How do I pay my assessment and view my account balance?
       Checks can be made payable to Manchac Place Homeowners Association and mailed to the following:
                BG Realty
           401 N College Road
                 Suite 4
           Lafayette, LA 70506
       Online payments can be made by visiting www.bgrealty.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in
How do I contact the HOA Board directly?
        Email the Board at manchacplace@gmail.com or visit the "Contact Us" link on the website.
I need a pool key. How do I get one?
       Please contact BG Realty or reach out to the HOA by email at manchacplace@gmail.com.
How do I reserve the pool for a party or event?
       Please email manchacplace@gmail.com with your event date and time. Reservations are for the covered area and tables/chairs only, so technically the pool can still be used by other homeowners during your event. We ask that everyone clean up the area and completely remove all decorations after your event. Also, alcohol and glass bottles are not allowed for safety reasons.  
Do I need to get approval for home improvement projects and repairs?
       Any changes to the exterior of the home do need approval from the Board. Please submit an ACC request through your profile on the BG Realty website. This includes painting, roof replacements, fences, additions, windows, driveways/concrete work, and any other items on the exterior. Requests should be submitted prior to the project beginning. Please note that the goal is to ensure overall compliance with the Bylaws and maintain the overall appearance of the neighborhood. The Board is committed to working with each homeowner as much as possible on requests!